The Best Restaurants and Lounges in Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is a city that offers a wide variety of culinary experiences. From Tibetan to Italian, vegan to seafood, there is something for everyone. White Yak in Roxborough is a great place to start for those looking for a unique Tibetan experience. Husband-and-wife couple Tsering Parshingtsang and Treley Parshingtsang serve up a warm mix of juicy, chewy momos in meat, chicken, and vegetarian varieties, plus Tibetan-style curries, soups, and stir-fries.

Cold mung bean noodles are a refreshing accompaniment to chili chicken, and thenthuk, a classic Tibetan soup with hand-shredded noodles, is both nutritious and delicious. Vernick Food & Drink is one of the city's most renowned restaurants. It has a cozy two-level space with wooden tables and chairs and warm lighting that creates a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. The menu features some of the best seafood around, as well as raw scallops and truffles on toast, sea urchin with scrambled eggs, and spaghetti with crab pieces.

Vetri Cucina offers guests the option of a four-course tasting menu from renowned chef Marc Vetri. Venison carpaccio, cappalletti in rabbit broth, and artichoke crostata with caponata and pecorino are just some of the dishes that make this menu worth every penny. The menu changes seasonally and includes slightly larger plates than tapas, so guests can try several dishes. Complement your meal with something from the bar, which has more than 70 varieties of natural wines, craft beers and specialty cocktails that incorporate fruits or vegetables.

Royal Izakaya is not easy to find but well worth the effort. This small place on South 2nd Street offers excellent Japanese cuisine that includes unexpected elements, but the flavors speak for themselves. Guests can enjoy main courses like eggplant chops with Italian green sauce. Vedge is a vegan restaurant located in an old mansion on Locust Street that is not just for vegans.

Even the most devoted carnivores will feast on main courses like eggplant chops with Italian green sauce. The menu changes seasonally and includes slightly larger plates than tapas, so you can try several dishes. At Middle Child's Clubhouse restaurant, Marina de Oliveira and Chris D'Ambro have created a space where drinking and eating should be fun. The menu features laffa, mezze and grilled meats and vegetables as well as creative vegan options.

The Thousand Island Lounge private party room is also available for special occasions. Randy Rucker's sensible country sensibility shines through at his restaurant where guests can enjoy gizzards with giant buttergrains falling out of their jackets or smoked buttermilk hidden under raw Maine scallops. This restaurant proves that Philadelphia's restaurant industry will always grow back stronger after any setback. Michael Solomonov and Steve Cook's restaurant draws attention for its pomegranate molasses braised lamb shoulder but even something as simple as hummus is truly remarkable here.

Zahav reminds guests of their travels in Israel where hummus with tahini is as creamy as the one found in the Lebanese restaurant in Abu Ghosh. Stop by in the morning for a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich with some of the city's best breads or take outsiders to dinner with new seasonal American pasta, salads, and pizzas that will explain why everyone started paying attention to Philadelphia's food scene. Thanh Nguyen's Vietnamese restaurant stands out from other casual feel-good spots in the city thanks to its unforgettable food. The family behind Salam Cafe has further energized Philadelphia's dynamic Ethiopian dining scene. Dining at Chef Jesse Ito's Royal Izakaya sushi and izakaya restaurant is a must for both locals and visitors to Philadelphia. This essential group of restaurants covers the entire city (and even beyond), covers the full range of cuisines and prices, and together meets practically every gastronomic need - whether you want good food or counter service, sandwiches to take away or tasting menus chosen by the chef.

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