Gluten-Free Options at the Best Restaurant and Lounge in Philadelphia, PA

Visiting Philadelphia for the first time, I was eager to find out what kind of gluten-free scene awaited me. Would it be as good as New York City's incredible gluten-free scene? Or would it be more like Boston's disappointing gluten-free options? The answer lies somewhere in between. While it's definitely more varied and interesting than Boston, it doesn't come close to the level of New York City. In Philadelphia, you can find a variety of gluten-free options, from corn dogs and funnel cakes to freshly fried donuts and tacos.

There's even a 100% vegan and gluten-free restaurant. Let's explore the best places to eat gluten-free in Philadelphia. As someone with celiac disease, I take extra precautions to avoid cross-contact and even a pinch of gluten. My first stop was Honey Butter Country Fare, where I bought a sweet potato, chorizo, and funnel cake topped with sugar and cinnamon.

The corn dog was delicious, but I'm not sure the ingredients really added anything to it. The funnel cake was amazing, as expected. On my last night in Philadelphia, I bought another corn dog to enjoy with my cider at Hale & True Cider. Unfortunately, I didn't have a chance to try the loaded potato chips or fried cheese curd because I was eating alone.

For a quick and healthy lunch, I visited a casual fast-food restaurant near Rittenhouse Square. Here, you can choose a base (vegetables, quinoa or rice), protein, two side dishes, and a sauce on top. I opted for the baked falafel and roasted sweet potatoes - a solid 100% gluten-free option in Central Philadelphia. Next up was Pure Sweets & Co., a 100% vegan and gluten-free restaurant that also uses organic ingredients and pays their staff a fair wage.

Everything on the menu is vegan, so you'll pay more than at other places on this list. However, if you need to eat gluten-free and choose to be vegan, it's worth it. Moonbowls is slightly different than most restaurants - they first launched in California - but we've had good experiences ordering from them in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. The food is sweeter than it should be and the cauliflower wings have an American touch, but if you're looking for something different and don't expect authentic Korean food, this is a good option. Finally, Mission Taqueria has a statement on their menu that says everything is gluten-free - except for brunch burritos made with flour tortillas (all tacos are made with corn).

I ordered the cauliflower tacos with peanut mocha sauce (which was amazing) and churros (which were also delicious). I was tempted by the grilled rib tacos with cashew butter but decided to go with cauliflower instead. Overall, Philadelphia offers an impressive selection of gluten-free options for those who are looking for them. From corn dogs to falafel bowls to vegan restaurants, there's something for everyone. Whether you're looking for a quick bite or an indulgent meal out on the town, you'll find plenty of gluten-free options in Philadelphia.

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