Chef Wilson's Culinary Career stretches over a quarter of a century and includes studies throughout the United States, Thailand and Europe. He aims for exquisite simplicity through meticulous selection of ingredients and strong attention to detail. Chef Wilson strives to create a culinary atmosphere where quality and creativity are of utmost importance. Sustainability and local sourced ingredients is a primary focus that allows Chef to create the entirety of his menus at his restaurants.  

In 2015, Chef came home from New York to be with his family and his mother, who is a Gigi (equates to a momma/ grandmother/ nonna/ poh poh...), and met his future wife, Jaqi. They felt that making a restaurant that was comfortable and homey would be a good homage to all the Gigis of the world, including their own mothers and grandmothers, and all the women that work hard to nourish their family. For Chef and Jaqi, embarking on this journey is a celebration of the beauty of family,  as well as their love of Italian food. 

Our intimate restaurant seats 46 people and offers takeout orders as well as private parties. For reservations or inquiries call 267-323-2899 or email us at